Extensive knowledge of application and processes
 We combine technology and innovation to provide complete and integrated solutions in equipment for heat and surface treatment

Outstanding Position in the Domestic Market

LMTerm is a Brazilian company in the market for over a decade. With a presence throughout Latin America, it offers integrated solutions for heat and surface treatment. It meets customer needs from the design and specification of the equipment, complete development of production processes, to technical assistance.
It also has a local stock of raw materials and parts and a highly trained technical staff. In partnership with several strategic players, LMTerm has established itself as a solid company in continuous growth and development, with innovation and technology in its DNA.

Complete Solution Cycle

LMTerm operations start with the specification and design of the appropriate solution aiming to meet customer’s demands. We develop and customize the best solutions for each player’s production needs. Finally, we take care of the machine’s entire development and manufacturing process, managing the logistics process until the delivery of the equipment.
Our team promotes the entire assembly, installation, and production try-out of equipment, training the customer in its operation and maintenance. Throughout the life of the machines, LMTerm takes care of maintenance and all necessary calibrations to ensure good results in the long term, not leaving behind any need for process optimization and consulting, ensuring that the customer is served in the best possible way. From start to finish.


  • 2008 - Foundation

    LMTerm is a Brazilian company organized in the city of São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo, in August 2008.

  • 2009 - Headquarters and Service Center

    With the sale of the first equipment, LMTerm set up the first services and technical assistance unit and established its first headquarters in an office building.

  • 2013 - Structure Growth

    With the higher work demand and team expansion, the company had to double its physical space.

  • 2015 -1st International Customer

    The expansion of LMTerm's market in South America occurred right after selling equipment, services, and technical assistance to a foreign customer.

  • 2016 - Warehouse and Support Base in the South

    LMTerm set up its first warehouse to centralize inventory and maintenance, which had approximately 300 sq. m (about 3,200 sq. ft.). In the same year, the company created its first support base in southern Brazil, focused on providing the customers with services and assistance from that region with more agility and performance.

  • 2017 - International Support Base

    With the increase in its international customer base and work demand, LMTerm set up the first global support base in Santiago (Chile), with a structure of tools and leak detectors.

  • 2019 - New Headquarters

    LMTerm's entire operation was transferred to a new headquarters, in a 1,000 sq. m (approximately 11,000 sq. f) warehouse in Condomínio Eldorado, São José dos Campos, where the operations, inventory, and maintenance are concentrated.

  • 2020 - Portfolio Growth

    To offer integrated solutions for the Industry, LMTerm has expanded the range of products and services, increasing its portfolio and market presence.

Presence in Latin America

LMTerm main office and headquarters are in São José dos Campos (SP), at the Eldorado Business and Industrial center, a strategic region of Paraíba Valley, in a 1,000m2 (approximately 11,000 sq. ft). The site has a complete engineering structure; technical staff; stock of parts and raw materials; service center and technical assistance; all structure and administrative and commercial staff to meet the demands throughout Latin America.
To streamline and improve the efficiency of face-to-face customer service, the company also has two Support Bases, one in Caxias do Sul (RS) and another in Santiago (Chile). Both have the necessary structure and resources for maintenance and service of equipment, tools, helium leak detector, and much more.
LMTerm is a benchmark in the segment, renowned for its strong presence throughout Latin America, with clients in several countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

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