Parts and Accessories


Large local stock with the availability of raw materials and finished parts
 OEM Genuine Parts and Custom Part Designs for all makes and models of equipment

Molybdenum and Tungsten

For supports, resistors, pins, and bars, we have a large stock of molybdenum and tungsten for rapid manufacturing of machine parts for use at high temperatures.


We manufacture bespoke sealing for equipment and vacuum furnaces of all brands. In addition, we have off-the-shelf rubber profiles, O-rings, and v-rings to promptly serve our customers.

Vacuum Connections

We have local stock of parts for use in vacuum equipment, from Pneurop and NW clamps to centering rings, tubes, and hoses for the needs of each company.


LMTerm has in-stock power modules, generators, sources, and more to meet the emergency needs of customers who own our equipment.

Valves and Actuators

We supply gas inlet valves for vacuum furnaces in addition to actuators. Parts can be purchased together or separately. Items are ready for delivery.

Ceramics and Insulators

We have a large stock of ceramics and insulators to keep the equipment's heating and insulation systems in perfect working order.


LMTerm stocks thermocouples for use in process with traceable certification to meet the most varied needs and requirements.

Grids and Devices

We design, develop, manufacture and market grids and devices for heat treatment and PVD processing of parts.

Fluids and oils

We meet, on-demand, customers' needs from various sectors for fluids and oils for use in equipment sold by LMTerm.

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