Horizontal Furnace


Loading flexibility, process versatility, compact design, convection heating, multi-directional cooling capability

Horizontal furnaces are the most common on the market. They have a hinged pivoting door, circular or rectangular geometry thermal chamber, and are highly versatile. A large vacuum group allows rapid chamber evacuation and a high level of operating vacuum.

The high installed power combined with the large surface area of the heating elements and the possibility to heat the load by convection at low temperatures allows for a quick and uniform heating ramp and even shorter cycles.

A closed-loop cooling system can combine high flow capacity, high pressures, and gas flow distribution to ensure fast and uniform cooling of the load.

It provides global monitoring and control of the furnace and measurement of functions performance when associated with a SCADA system.

During operation, the furnace housing remains at room temperature, and it can be installed in an air-conditioned environment without affecting or changing its temperature.

The system is environmentally friendly and only consumes electricity when necessary. As a result, it does not pollute the air or water.

Aliado a um sistema SCADA, fornece acompanhamento global e controle do forno e medição de desempenho das funções.

Durante a operação, a carcaça do forno permanece com temperatura ambiente e o mesmo pode ser instalado em um ambiente com ar condicionado sem prejudicar ou alterar a temperatura do mesmo.

O sistema é ecologicamente correto e consome energia elétrica apenas quando necessário. Não polui o ar, nem a água.

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