Mobile hearth furnace capable of being loaded with an overhead crane for large parts

Car-type furnaces are also known as mobile hearths. They are used when dealing with large and heavy parts, with maximum safety.

The car furnace, when assembled, has a motorized rail and built-in door, which allow the parts to move in and out of the furnace, allowing the use of its entire length.

The unique configuration of the furnace with an integrated carriage at the bottom allows for lifting very large, heavy, or delicate loads. Accordingly, the use of an overhead crane or crane reduces human effort.

Thanks to the specific layout, thermocouples can be positioned across the load with ease, allowing difficult spots to be reached.

Graças ao layout específico, os termopares podem ser posicionados em toda a carga com facilidade, permitindo que pontos difíceis sejam alcançados.

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