Whatever your industry, our leading-edge technologies will help you stay at the forefront
 We have extensive experience in heat and surface treatment, and we develop integrated, versatile, and innovative solutions in turnkey lines

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing requires the treatment of parts generated by 3D printing. We supply high-performance furnaces for this segment with specific applications of high criticalities, such as titanium


We have furnaces for heat treatment of parts, repair and maintenance of components, as well as equipment for decorative finishing of parts for executive aircraft

Agricultural Implements

For thermal and surface treatment of parts and components for the agricultural sector, we have furnaces, washers, and other cutting-edge technologies for the segment


Cleaning complex automotive parts has never been easier with LMTerm vacuum washers. We also have furnaces to thermally and superficially treat parts and components


With efficiency and effectiveness, we have kilns for debinding, sintering, firing, decorating, calcining, and much more of technical ceramics, porcelain, translucent ceramics, and others


Cleaning, washing, and decorating metal and plastic parts for fashion, clothing, bags, belts, jewelry, jewelry, semi-jewels, glasses, watches, shoes, and others is a daily task with our equipment

Heat Treatment

Cast stainless steel or carbon fiber grids and devices for the most diverse applications. Cleaning and surface preparation of parts before processing, furnaces, and hothouses for treatment

Heating and Cooling

We provide a complete line of vacuum washers for parts after forming and stamping and furnaces for brazing copper, aluminum, and stainless steel heat exchangers

Home and Decoration

For the sanitary metal, doorknobs, hardware, and other industries, we have dedicated washers and equipment for decorative coating, which can be bactericidal and virucidal


Cutlery, household items, and sinks, pans, and tableware can be covered decoratively with high performance and durability with our equipment


Cleaning and washing parts after machining, removing chips, oils and greases is an innovative task with LMTerm vacuum washers. Complex parts, holes, cavities, and much more, all cleaned in minutes

Medical and Dental

Washing complex parts with high efficiency and performance is possible with the concept of the future of washing we provide. The treatment and re-covering of elements is a daily task with our equipment

Military and War

We provide innovative technologies for heat and surface treatment of weapons, ammunition, missiles, rockets, satellites, vests, and the like. We provide the segment with customized solutions


Heat and surface treatment of parts for the mining sector, with increased useful life, wear resistance, mechanical resistance in mills, pipelines, conveyors, and others


For the nautical industry, LMTerm provides cutting-edge technology for decorative PVD and PECVD coating of high-end parts, finishes, and technical parts, mainly in stainless steel

Oil and Gas

Equipment for heat and surface treatment of parts for gas turbines, valves, Christmas trees, sets, and others for the oil and gas sector

Paper and Cellulose

Increased performance of parts with heat and surface treatment, from rollers, knives, and wear parts. These are activities carried out with our equipment

Power generation

We have furnaces and graphite and carbon fiber parts for the manufacture and maintenance of parts and components for power generation, gas turbines, photovoltaic and solar heating

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