Long-standing experience, excellent quality, advanced technology, comprehensive knowledge of application and processes

Vacuum Furnace

LMTerm designs, develops, and markets state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces for various industry sectors. Customization, technology, performance, and reliability are the basis of the work.

Industrial Furnace

Efficiency, productivity, versatility, low operating cost, and simplified maintenance are the hallmarks of the industrial furnaces developed and marketed by LMTerm

PVD/PECVD coating

We design, develop and market complete solutions in PVD and PECVD equipment for thin film deposition, both decorative and technical

Vacuum Washer

Groundbreaking technology, low operating cost, and sustainable: the washers degrease, remove oils, and clean complex parts made of metal, plastic, and ceramic. Welcome to the wash of the future!

Graphite and Carbon Fiber

We specialize in the design, simulation, manufacturing, coating, purification, and technical support of carbon-based materials. We develop projects for each client's needs

Parts and Accessories

Pneurop clamps, NW, centering rings, pipes, and connections, as well as sensors and controllers. LMTerm has a local stock of parts, always according to the customer's needs

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