From design and specification to support and service
We provide a complete cycle aimed at meeting your needs

Service Care

LMTerm Service Care can be called the future of preventive and predictive maintenance. It prevents problems and guarantees good results in the long term.


We have a team that specializes in the maintenance of the equipment we sell and the like, whether in the field or at our headquarters and service center

Refurbishment and Retrofitting

We have a structure specialized in the partial and total refurbishment of equipment, retrofits, repairs to thermal chambers, and mechanical and electrical modernization

Training and Consulting

We understand the industry's need to have trained professionals and efficient processes. Accordingly, we offer consulting services and refreshing courses

Specialized Technical STAFF

LMTerm places a Brazilian flag on its facade

LMTerm's headquarters, located in São José dos Campos (SP), in Eldorado Business and Industrial Center, now has a Brazilian flag. The company's director, Luciano Micheletto, conceived the project: "It has been a dream for many years. The patriotism and pride of being Brazilian fuel us to foster the development of our nation and our industry. We all need to be united in the industry and fight for the same ideals."

LMTerm designs and supplies bespoke CFRC grids and devices

LMTerm designs, develops, and manufactures CFRC (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon) grids and devices for vacuum furnaces dedicated to industry segments such as mechanical metal, automotive, solar, semiconductor, aeronautical, aerospace, mining, heat treatment in general, among others. Projects are designed and simulated according to the needs and applications of each customer...

Unicamp validates ABACO®️ PVD coating as effective against Coronavirus

LMTerm, in partnership with the Italian company Protec, validated, after tests carried out by the Biology Institute of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), that the PVD ABACO®️ (AntiBActerial COating) coating, in addition to its bactericidal effects, is also effective against Coronavirus. ABACO®️ can be used to cover metallic and non-metallic surfaces, such as doorknobs, bathroom metals...

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